EuroCereal 2011

EuroCereal 2011

Speakers at the conference include: Monique de Nijs, Helen Brown, Peter Shewry, Judith Buttriss, Phil Latham, Jan Delcour, Richard Summers, Paul Molyneux. For more information on sessions they will be presenting visit the Speakers page of this website.

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We currently face increased demand for key global resources: energy, water and food. This demand will put food and food-related businesses under increased cost and margin pressure. Food price inflation is set to be a major issue ahead of the need to increase production by as much as 50% by 2030. At the same time, the current reverse in food price deflation presents opportunities for innovation, investment and margin enhancement. New and novel routes to secure food quality and safety will need to be developed in order to meet the ongoing challenge.

Cereals are central to the world food supply. Their price largely drives the cost of goods consumers pay for global staples such as breads, pasta, and biscuits, as well as food enhancers such as sauces and dressings. In this context, meeting the ongoing challenge needs technical and scientific innovation on a global scale. This conference will seek to define key issues and consider how cereal scientists and technologists within the EU are rising to meet it.

Topics List

  • Food Safety
    • safeguarding consumers and brands
  • Diet and Health
    • enhancing the nutritional profile of cereals
  • Ingredients
    • adding value and functionality to cereals
  • Sustainability
    • assuring the supply chain for the future

Organised by

Campden BRI

Supporting Journal

Journal of Cereal Science